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Catching Up!!

Hi all! I realize it has been quite a while since I've written anything, so I thought I'd come on and give a few updates as to what I've been up to!

As always, school. Too many classes and not enough hours in the day, but of course that doesn't stop me from staying up too late to write.

More exciting - I've been querying my new WIP!! It's been a few months of rejections, but I'm hopeful. I highly recommend batch querying, especially for new or previously self-published authors. I've redone my query letter about ten times already, and each time I think I can't possibly make it better, I do. So, keeping my head up on this long and treacherous journey!

Regardless of how, I do promise that you will have my book at some point (girls with swords, slow burn sapphic romance, found family and all).

Twitter! If you don't follow me on Twitter, I've recently decided to jump headfirst into the author world on Twitter. If you don't want to miss updates and book content, that is definitely the place to find me.

Also in light of the potential TikTok ban - I am planning on creating a new page on my website to upload my writing-related TikTok videos so they are not lost forever, so something to keep an eye out for!

And, last but not least, I am continuing to accept work for The Peculiarity Project, particularly with summer break coming up. I'm looking forward to reading your work!!

Happy reading :)

B.C. Hedlund

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