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The Peculiarity Project

About the Project

The Peculiarity Project is a project dedicated to giving today's youth a voice. To allow their stories to be told. 

We are all peculiar. It's what makes us different, and what makes us unique. 

Our peculiarities are what sets us apart from one another, at the same time they bring us together. 

With social media, we have so many different platforms on which we can express ourselves, but it's easy for our voices to get lost, and to get lost in the lives of others. 

This project will feature stories from LGBTQ+ youth, people who've struggled with mental health, and anything that people feel is worth sharing. 

Everyone has a different story, a different voice. Something that sets you apart. This goal of this project is to share these stories. To share your peculiarities. 

Your voice matters.

"Growing up, it can be hard to understand yourself and what you're going through. Without having a community, people who share your experiences, people who really understand you, it's easy to feel lost. It's really easy to feel like you're going through it alone. I was lucky to have a supportive environment growing up, but even then I felt lost a lot of the time. I felt like I had to be something that I wasn't because I didn't think I could be anything else. 

I started this project in the hopes of giving today's youth somewhere to tell their stories, through their own voices. I want to give others the opportunity to hear voices and stories similar to their own, to know that, even when everything in the world feels like it's against them, they're not alone."

- B.C. Hedlund

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