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20/20 Vision

20/20 vision is vision

uninhibited by sight,

when the world appears

clear, and without blur, and yet

all vision is uninhibited until

it is inhibited

“Only 35% of adults have 20/20 vision”

20/20 vision is vision from

when you did not stare

at the sun. When you were

little and invincible to


20/20 vision is vision

that begins to deteriorate

in time with innocence.

When for once we

understand that, the world,

is not so clear as we once

thought, 20/20 vision is vision

that does not require

glasses, which can so easily shatter

and break, and fog until you

require a new

prescription, 2020 vision is vision

that means you have

seen the world through a lens

It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear

Donald Trump

uninhibited and inhibited and

broken. When you have seen a world

you once knew and found

6, 099, 757


the sky falling, and saw that those

adults. parents. teachers.


65.9% fully vaccinated in the U.S.

as of March 18, 2022

2 years after the start of the pandemic

are not in the lucky

35 percent, merely a statistic

that does not exist.

997,727 -USA




2020 vision is vision

clouded by mist hazy and

dark and


2020 vision is vision

that breaks down the longer you

stare at the

sun, until you need a new

Normal led to this

Ed Yong, The Atlantic

prescription, 2020 vision is vision

that means, though you

cannot see the world

as you once did, 2020 vision

is vision and you do not

need a new prescription

6,099,757 - worldwide




solely come to the realization

your 20/20 vision

was not


after all.

6 million

99 thousand

7 hundred

and 57

“Normal led to this.”

6, 099,757

rest in peace

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