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Book Quotes

"There comes

a time when we

realize that our parents

cannot save themselves

or save us, that everyone who

wades through time eventually

gets dragged out to sea

by the undertow -

that, in short, we are all going."

"Thomas Edison’s last words were: ‘It’s very beautiful over there.’ I don’t know

where there

is, but

I believe

it’s somewhere,


and I hope it’s beautiful."

- Looking for Alaska

- Looking



"There’s your labyrinth of suffering.

We are all going.

Find your way

out of that maze."


- Looking for Alaska

"I can no more choose my thoughts than choose my name."

- Turtles All the Way Down

"One of the challenges with pain - physical or psychic -

is that we can really only approach it through metaphor.

It can't be represented the way a table or a body can.

In some ways, pain is the opposite of language."

- Turtles All the Way Down

"No one ever says good-bye unless they want to see you again."

- Turtles All the Way Down

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:

It goes on"

"You remember your first love because they show you, prove to you, that you can love and be loved, that nothing in this world is deserved except for love, that love is both how you become a person,

and why."

- Turtles All the Way Down

" Spirals grow infinitely small the farther you follow them inward, but they also grow infinitely large the

farther you follow



- Turtles





- Robert Frost

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