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Secrets of the Sea

The waves pound against the shore

In a relentless war with the land of which it can never join,

Screaming of the secrets hidden in its depths

Of which almost none can escape

The sand is spun in a never ending dance with the currents

Until at last it is thrown upon the shore

And made to forget its journey through time,

For though it has seen everything since it was first boulders

Part of the large mountains that overlooked the awakening land

It is now time to begin its new life on the dry beaches that stretch across the world,

Awaiting the moment when it will rejoin the journey it was part of for millennia

The larger stones wash up and down against the edge of the water

As the waves reach in and grab them then push them away

In a never ending change of indecisiveness much as the human mind,

They have yet to be accepted and live in the murky depths of the world they wish to join

And witness the forgotten secrets of time yet to be

The high dune dotted with life clinging to its sandy walls

Sits across from the vast ocean, watching as the tides come in and out,

Depositing secrets that they have no further use for

And taking in new ones that they will hide for centuries

Before they too are forgotten even by the sea,

The dunes watch over the ornate beaches and the forsaken depths of the sea

Until one day they too will crumble into the waves to be forgotten

In the dark depths of the ocean many a ship lie, wrecked and consigned to oblivion,

Never again to resurface and continue their dreadfully fated journey across the seven seas,

Where the currents lure the lost things of old

Which have been long drowned by the crashing waves which howl through the night,

Their decaying and broken bodies lay in the sand,

Now the shelter of homeless who travel, lost, through the bleak always-night of the ocean deep

The fair maidens of the sea wander through the tragedy-filled water

Though they are condemned to haunt the dark where neither sun nor moon can reach

And will never again see the light which they left in the distant past,

Their beautiful and terrible souls wander the places where no man ever dared venture

Sometimes catching a current far from their hearts that no longer beat,

But always returning to sit on the sand filled with the memories of their previous life,

Weeping with sorrow and despair for the fate that had befallen them

There are many secrets kept by the ocean,

Secrets and thoughts, for it is widely known that the ocean is the place of thoughts,

The beaches that stretch across continents

And the seven seas themselves which are all connected,

They share their dark secrets, some so terrible that they will never resurface,

While others will be found only when humanity is ready to embrace them,

The ocean is the secret keeper of the world

And in it we can entrust the things that we ourselves cannot say aloud

As the waves beat against the shore,

And the sand dances to the end of its long journey

And the memories of old become memories of new,

As the waters mimic the human mind

And the high dunes await their turn to crumble down into oblivion

And the fair maidens of the sea embrace their fate,

The ocean itself never changes, it simply breathes in new life as it exhales the old

Though the ocean may hold our secrets and do what it will with them,

There is one truth of the silent yet roaring waters that will always be,

They are old and wise with the knowledge of the entire world,

Aware of everything that we are not,

Full of the answers to the questions that we have not even thought to ask

And as the waves beat against the shore,

The sand joins the beaches,

The dunes crumble down from their high perch.

These elements of nature fear not their exposure to the waves,

Beneath which nothing will return from the depths,

Yet there is nothing to fear for their fate, like the fate of the fair maidens, will never change,

Because in the end everything will join the forgotten secrets of the sea

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