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Being a Writer

One of the things I do as a writer is observe. You take in people and places, conversations and passing words, and you breathe life into them. You take the pieces and fit them together, filling in all the blanks until they come together as their own life form. Sometimes they have a beginning, middle, and end, and sometimes they are merely pieces that are still waiting to be completed. One thing that I’ve learned, is that you have to be patient. You can’t force pieces to fit together if they aren’t supposed to fit. That’s perhaps one of the wonders of writing. Patience. Time, and space, and the opportunity for growth. All great things require time and space. There is a magic that goes into something when it is not forced. When you sit down at a computer and words don’t come… take space. Forcing the words will only be fitting pieces together that were never meant to fit.

And there is no magic in that.

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