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Cassandra James is consigned to oblivion. 


Convinced that life is not worth living unless there’s a point, seventeen-year-old Cassandra is stuck in a constant search for something to keep her alive. It’s senior year. But while her friends are planning their futures, Cassandra’s left wondering if she’ll even have one. Back in therapy (against her will), pretending to be okay and holding up a broken family, she’s running out of reasons. 

Then Lily Peters, the fiery girl with blue eyes, upends the ideology Cassandra has used to survive, and instead shows her what it’s like to live. Things she ignored because they weren’t important enough to keep her alive become the very things she lives for. 

Her feelings for Lily Peters, for example. 

In an existential coming-of age-story, Cassandra James blurs the lines between fiction and reality, fighting to find meaning in a meaningless world, and to break her consignment to oblivion. 

"An amazingly well written book that I could not put down."

- Goodreads

"Captivating novel

with fleshed-out characters that

create a vivid image of teenage life. The book is grounded in inarguably realistic emotion which elevates all aspects of the narrative."

- Goodreads

"This is a beautifully written book, from a surprisingly young full length debut author."


- Goodreads

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